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Customers about Lumberg

Maikel Olree


“Lumberg has been a reliable partner in the field of our cables and connectors for 20 years”

Koppeltron’s customers can count on the commitment and broad expertise of our staff.

At Koppeltron we have the motto: Can’t doesn’t exist. It should always be possible to find a solution. Lumberg is always available for questions and specials and that is exactly why our relationship has lasted so long.

Lumberg always delivers on time and exactly what we ordered.

Why Lumberg ?

More then 48 years experience

Strong technical knowledge and support

Highest quality standards

Thinking along in solutions

Product development and manufactoring

Stock and logistic services

Danny Zwetsloot


“Lumberg is our steady partner for custom connectors and terminals”

We develop and produce innovative systems for our clients in the Industry, Agricultural, Medical and e-Mobility sectors. In new projects, we look for the limits of technological possibilities. Strong partnerships with our suppliers are crucial in this process. If there are challenges for connectors and connections we can always count on the expertise of Lumberg.

Lumberg Nederland BV Jan van der Heydenstraat 76 2665 JB Bleiswijk Nederland +31 10 5216255

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