How Robin Radar deploys our waterproof connectors

We recently spoke at length with Erik Noort about the use of our waterproof connectors in Robin Radar’s radar solutions. You can read the full interview below.

What was the situation before you approached Lumberg Netherlands?

At Robin Radar, we design and produce mobile radar that our customers use to visualise flight paths of birds or small drones. Our radar solutions are used by our customers in ports, at airports and wind farms. The mobile radar units are deployed in the field where they are exposed to harsh conditions.

For the controller units, we were looking for waterproof connectors and, if possible, in the same style within 1 serie. We had several brands but not 1 series that could handle all connectors. One brand had power and network but had no USB and HDMI throughput. And vice versa, the connectors of the brand that did have those HDMI and USB did not have power throughput. Often those types were only IP 65 but we ask for a higher IP66 rating. We couldn’t find a solution in 1 range where the HDMI insert in particular was very hard to find.

So then we started looking for alternatives and that’s when we came across Lumberg Netherlands.

At first sight, we had our doubts because it is produced in China. But when your solution passed all our tests, we chose you.

Can you tell us a bit more about the tests you did with our connectors?

Yes, those are dust and water tests to see if they actually achieved the IP rating we ask for our outdoor cabinets. We also do a temperature test from -25 to +50 Celsius.

And your connectors passed with flying colours. They comfortably pass the IP 67 rating.

This makes it possible for our customers to deploy our Radar solutions in the widest zone (as per military specs) on earth. In Antarctica and the North Pole, they just cannot be deployed but the zones in between we can use your waterproof connectors on our units.

How did you discover our waterproof connectors?

Quite simply. I just started googling. When I came across your website, I saw that you have a special and very diverse portfolio for waterproof connectors.

How do you experience the contact with Lumberg Netherlands?

We experience the contact with Lumberg Netherlands as very pleasant. Via your website, I had used the contact form with my question. I received a response fairly quickly and the subsequent contacts went very smoothly.

How easy or difficult was it to get started with the connectors?

First, we received a complete set of samples to work with. Jean-Paul also neatly provided us with the dimensional drawings for CAD 3D / STEP files. I could then simply hand these files to our draughtsman with the message: “This will be the new connector series”.

They started drawing these in so that we could take them into account in the sizing of the units. And now the entire series of connectors has already been included in production, 6 of which are already finished.

What makes this solution different from what you used before?

Besides meeting our specifications, Lumberg Netherlands showed their strength in flexibility.

Indeed, a coloured cap is supplied with the series of connectors as standard. Each colour then stands for a specific connector insert. But we anticipated that, with that beautiful coloured Christmas tree of caps, we would be laughed at by our customers in the military environment. Tells Erik with a broad grin.

But Lumberg Netherlands was flexible enough to add a separate set of black covers that we could replace ourselves.

How have things improved in terms of cost, time and productivity?

Especially on the cost side, we have gained a lot. The price-quality ratio of your CNlinko connector solution is very good.

Are there any things you would like to see different at Lumberg Netherlands in the future?

No not that I can think of. We are very satisfied with the cooperation. The only connector we have not yet been able to replace is a connector insert for power in combination with fibreglass in 1 connector. Should you add that to the protfolio of this series in the future, we would be very pleased.

About Robin Radar

Robin Radar Systems is a technology leader in small object tracking and classification.

Robin radar’s mission is to provide actionable information that increases safety for both people and birds.¬†They do this by combining purpose-built radars with unique software algorithms, turning customers into ambassadors to achieve leadership in our market.

Robin radar offers advanced logging and dispersion tools. With bioacoustic technology, they are building a safer, more proactive future of bird control. Robin Radar is in the top three most innovative companies in the Netherlands and are constantly researching, developing, manufacturing and most importantly innovating. Read more about Robin Radar’s innovative solutions here¬†

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